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HVAC/Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning In Haddam

Some of the services we offer include automatic deliveries, service plans, air conditioning installations and maintenance, budget plans, and 24/7 emergency response for repairs. Higganum Heating delivers fuel oil and so much more!

Air conditioner repair man using testing equipment on outside unit

Complete Air Conditioning Services

No matter what size or brand of air conditioning system you have, our licensed and insured team can help you install and maintain it safely for years to come. 

Annual A/C System Tune-Up & Service Plans

To protect your investment in an A/C, HVAC, or other heating system, rely on us for annual tune-ups to correct minor issues and spot problems early. Regular maintenance can save you thousands on an avoidable repair or replacement later.

Oil Fired Water Heater

Great for residential or commercial use, an oil fired water heater is durable (with a heavy-duty glass lined steel tank) and efficient. Our team can recommend the best size and brand for your needs and install it for you.
Water heater maintenance

Indirect Water Heater Coverage

 An indirect water heater has a storage tank with a  built-in heating coil inside. Hot water from a boiler flows through the inner coil to heat all the water in the storage tank. The unit is piped like any other heating zone, and Higganum Heating can install and maintain it for you.
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